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Taking stock of the biodiversity of a province is an essential first step to protecting it. However, the work only begins there. Protection of biodiversity then requires concrete actions: the drafting of regulations, the setting up of protected areas and informing the residents of Quebec about the status and value of biodiversity in Quebec and how they can help protect it. These actions are informed by the species and ecosystems to be protected and their threats, by scientific theory and by political will.

This section of the Quebec Biodiversity website deals with conservation issues. Specifically, it explores the major threats to Quebec's biodiversity and the human activities that exacerbate these threats, and it offers different approaches to protecting the biodiversity of a region. This section also offers an overview of provincial and federal government efforts to protect Quebec biodiversity and how non-governmental organisations are contributing to these efforts.

Part 1: Human Impacts on Biodiversity

Part 2: Species vs. Landscape Protection new!

Part 3: Conservation Efforts in Quebec

Part 4: Conservation Efforts in Canada


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