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  Smallmouth Bass
(Micropterus dolomieui)
smallmouth bass.jpg

Smallmouth bass are a well known sportfish in lakes and larger rivers of Southern Quebec and have been introduced into lakes and rivers throughout the world. Spawning behaviour of smallmouth bass is typical of other centrarchids. In spring males build a nest, which consists of a circular, shallow depression 1-6 feet in diameter in a sand or gravel substrate; nests are usually built near the protection of rocks, logs, and vegetation. Nest building is followed by pre-spawning activity, which includes displays, nipping and rubbing between males and females. When spawning finally occurs, the female lays thousands of eggs and leaves. The male bass guards the eggs from predators, and maintains a protective watch over the young bass for many days after hatching.

Distribution of the Smallmouth Bass in Quebec:
distribution map.gif


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