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  Brown Bullhead
(Ictalurus nebulosus)
brown bullhead.jpg

The brown bullhead is a medium size member of the catfish family, generally measuring 8 - 14 inches in length. This species requires a shallow nest for spawning, often building a burrow alongside a stump, rock, or tree. Eggs in the nest are cared for by both parents. About 7 days after hatching, the young leave the nest in a loose school consisting of hundreds of baby bullhead; this school is normally accompanied by one or both of the parents. After a few weeks, the school breaks up and the juvenile bullheads must fend for themselves. Bullheads are well adapted to feed on benthic prey inhabiting the bottom surfaces. In addition they feed primarily at night, using their barbels to locate and sense food. This species is highly omnivorous, feeding on a mix of detritus, insects, crustaceans, fish, plants, and eggs.

Distribution of the Brown Bullhead in Quebec:
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