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  Yellow Warbler  
  (Dendroica petechia)  

yellow warbler.jpg

  The Yellow Warbler is certainly one of Southern Quebec's most well known warblers. This species nests in just about any brushy or shrubby habitat; along roads and ditches, lakes and streams, and even orchards and gardens. Hearing its well-known song, "sweet sweet sweet, little more sweet" in the appropriate habitat is a sure sign of a Yellow Warbler. Life is tough for Yellow Warblers. Not only do they migrate to Central and South America every year, but their nests are commonly parasitized by Brown-headed Cowbirds. Nest predators such as snakes, Blue Jays, and squirrels also take their toll on young Yellow Warblers. Despite these threats, Yellow Warblers remain both abundant and widespread in Quebec and, in fact, populations seem to have increased over the last 20 years.  
  Distribution of the Yellow Warbler in S. Quebec:  
  distribution map.jpg  


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