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  Wood Duck  
  (Aix Sponsa)  



The Wood Duck is arguably one of the most beautifully plumaged birds found in Quebec. It's preferred habitat is deciduous forest-wetland margins. Nests are built in cavities in dead trees, most of which were originally excavated by woodpeckers. Because the number of cavities are often limited, the Wood Duck competes with other species of ducks, owls, hawks, mammals, or insects for prized nesting cavities. More nesting habitat has been provided by building of nest boxes in appropriate habitats, many of which are now used by Wood Ducks. Although abundant now, this duck was almost eliminated at the turn of the century. The remarkable comeback is probably due to the building of nest boxes, current logging practices that leave a ring of trees around lakes and ponds, and a ban on hunting that lasted until 1950.

  Distribution of the Wood Duck in Quebec:  
  distribution map.jpg  


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