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  Herring Gull  
  (Larus argentatus)  

herring gull.jpg


The Herring Gull is the most common gull species in Quebec. This species nests in colonies along the coast of the St. Lawrence River, as well as on inland lakes across Quebec. Although little is known about the status of inland gulls, which are scattered across the landscape, recent studies have found dramatic declines in Herring Gull populations during the 1990's on the Middle and Lower North Shore. The herring gull is an ingenious bird, and has adapted to a wide range of food resources; it is even known to drop urchins and molluscs onto rocks to expose the edible portions. This gull is also very well adapted to human settlement, as it effectively exploits human activities--by following fishing boats, and visiting fish processing plants and garbage dumps.

  Distribution of the Herring Gull in Quebec:  
  distribution map.jpg  


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