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  Cerulean Warbler  
  (Dendroica cerulea)  


  Of the 28 species of warbler known to breed in Southern Quebec, the Cerulean is probably the rarest, breeding only in a handful of sites in Southwestern Quebec. This species is so rare because it is at the northern limit of its breeding range, and requires extensive stands of old-growth deciduous forest for nesting; habitats that are now rare in the St. Lawrence Lowlands. The Cerulean Warbler has been recently classified as "vulnerable" in Quebec. Besides being rare, this species is particularly difficult to observe, as it inhabits the very tops of tall deciduous trees. Its sky blue coloration and small size complicate the situation even more. Luckily, this species has a distinct song, so that any observer with a keen ear can easily locate the Cerulean Warbler without getting a sore neck!  
  Distribution of the Cerulean Warbler in S. Quebec:  
  distribution map.jpg  


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