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Part 4
Biodiversity Conservation in Canada - Page 4


Goal #3: Education and awareness

Training and education are key to the success of biodiversity conservation for a number of reasons: many citizens are unaware of the problems with biodiversity or how they could help and individuals within economic sectors often desire information and training on how their activities can reduce impacts on the environment. Therefore, federal government, in collaboration with NGOs and private sector are engaged in both education and training initiatives.

For example, Environment Canada has launched a program called Action 21 which provides support to community efforts to conserve biodiversity, among other priorities. Other education efforts include publication (through fact sheets, books, online media) of information about biodiversity and about ongoing conservation efforts such as Canada's State of the Environment Report.

Training intiatives that aim to involve target groups in biodiversity conservation include development of community stewardship manuals, publishing manuals that help industries develop biodiversity strategies, working partnerships with stakeholders to develop information material on biodiversity and agriculture and assisting in the development of biodiversity curricula in Canadian colleges and universities and building student capacity


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